SPOTLIGHT :: taylormade designs

Here is my first one.
It is the first job as the CT of taylormade designs.
The thing that the world judging from the empty top is what small.
All which rises on ground is felt like a thing of the totally far-off world.
I read wind and know the flow of the cloud…In instant when a foot leaves the ground, a sense is subtilized and feels that a wing and wind and a body are united at the moment when a body flew in the sky. I realize that I live in flying time and every feelings feelings in me suffer from one.
It is the sense that there is totally in chaos.
There is it in me where there is the happiness. It may come from me where the sorrow comes from. I harmonize with the world till I come back to the ground.
In stillness and relaxing and I face myself and ask it.
I think that I am happy today. It may be influenced by different feelings, but I will feel that I live happily tomorrow at this moment.
Even if all people deny it, this moment, I are happy today.

SPOTLIGHT :: taylormade designs :: October 11-17 @ Oscraps
life... in moderation
The word "moderation" can be defined as balance, composure, patience, and mental calmness. i truly believe that these things can be acquired through 2 things... experience and the willingness to accept the things you learn from those experiences.
here's the breakdown...
- Scrap about a recent or current REAL LIFE experience using at least one paper/element from the free "in moderation" ADD ON kit... (or better yet... the FULL "in moderation" kit! you can purchase it >> HERE << for 30% off during my spotlight week only!)
- Journaling is a must. (but as always... journal HOW EVER you feel most comfortable... write a novel, sum it all up in one bold statement, make a list, bullet points, it can even be a particular quote that stands out to you... anything goes here. Just be sure to journal something on your layout that is directly related to what you've gone through. )
- Details of your life experience aren't necessarily a must in your journaling (I know some things are just to personal to share with the whole world), but the lesson you learned from the experience IS a must.
- Photos are not required, but if you choose to use one, personal and/or stock photos are permissible
- Scrap as MANY layouts as you wish. (the more layouts you create, the more chances you have to WIN!!!)
- Have fun, dig deep and be expressive!!!