thinking of you... Mscraps designers charity collab kit for Japan

Designers of Mscraps cooperated, and, for an earthquake disaster in Japan, one beautiful collaboration kit was created.
I was very impressive, and the name of this kit was able to be available from the words that won through up to memory
in the message which you gave to me just after an earthquake.

thinking of you... -charity collab kit- for Japan quake

Soon after the earthquake was generated, I did not think that Japan was exposed to such crises.
Of an allowance having not yet come at the Red Cross the damage situation is severe,
and confusion continues so that dividing it in two is not fixed.

Not only the damage of the earthquake but also the trouble (it will be what much less the human being how)
of the nuclear power plant occurs at the same time and is the situation that damage extends every day.

thinking of you... -charity collab kit- for Japan quake

I thank for Joyce which provided the space of the shop for my proposal willingly.
I thank for Heather and Tracy who always gives a precise advice.
I thank to designers who participated and you who participate from now on very much.

The sales of this product are contributed
for Japan quake 3.11 through the Red Cross.

Japanese Red Cross Society
American Red Cross
Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund
Donate with PayPal–Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief
Donate online – Japan Earthquake/Asia-Pacific Tsunami